Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Freaky Tikis

Greetings! "Tiki" is the theme for next week's Spoonflower design competition...

My almost-2-year-old daughter was playing with our wine corks - sorting them, throwing them, etc. and I realized that they were shaped like tikis. [I should take this opportunity to note that I've been holding on to the corks with the thought of using them for a craft project - like placecard/menu holders, or even slicing them to make a "real" cork board. My husband would just as soon that I throw them away...so, my darling, you're in the clear...I take full responsibility for our tupperware of corks. I shoulder any/all judgment on the matter.] ;)

I don't see many photographic entries on Spoonflower (maybe there is good reason for that...), but I liked the idea of using them for my entry. It also opened my mind to using more mixed media - and even "decorating" some of our family photos - so I'm declaring the venture a personal success regardless of the outcome of the competition. Just one more reason I like submitting my work to Spoonflower's competitions. It keeps the noodle noodling...

Cork Board

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